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07:43pm 02/06/2005
  enter cody with random comment!  
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09:34am 01/05/2005
  somebody needs to dickslap that harr, and karina is just the man to do it!!  
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08:34am 25/04/2005
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06:54pm 11/04/2005
  do you internet people realize how fucking boring you are?... please try harder  
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09:40pm 21/03/2005
You scored as asian. Yur Asian!










Are you a different race than you think you are?
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whelllll. now that explains some serious shit now.
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here is a good one   
05:15pm 10/01/2005
  MACs suck big hairy dick. they are gay. PC for life!! toally. comon all you fanatical MACers lets get it on.
i have some pretty upsetting benchmarks. comon, lets benchmark it up! MACs are overdesigned fruity looking crap.
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08:28pm 15/12/2004
  FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ect. uh, "wife" in there somewhere  
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08:27pm 15/12/2004
  everybody read my journal, i have problems. i need support. i make pointless posts. reply. i spell cool with a k. like too kool for skule.  
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10:56pm 21/08/2004


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09:34pm 03/08/2004
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08:20pm 07/07/2004
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06:34pm 03/06/2004
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07:20pm 10/02/2004
  this is my last post. i just dont care about livejournal  
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06:03pm 29/01/2004
  i dont think im going to use that motorcycle i bought any more
i dont know, it just too much effort for a not that cool thing. i could put the same ammount of time and money into a different motorcycle and have something way cooler anyway. well as soon as i get the promotion and save a little money, ill make this project go in a different direction

does anybody know what im talking about? uh...... no. see this is a problem. the out of the loop thing, see nobody can relate to my shit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT.
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05:42am 23/01/2004
  ease off. cool your jets. chill. chillax even.

let life roll over you like a wave. moove with it. do stuff.

play guitar. play anything. read stuff. be good. be evil. expriment. experience.

wait it out. go for it. listen. interpret. believe. ignore. compliment. complain. shutup.

work hard. play hard. do nothing.

smoke. smoke alot, then quit.

always drink.

get pissed. be happy.

think. reflect. examine. dont worry about your past.

think 5 years. think 20 years from now. think about what if.

forget about everything. bliss. nothing. its all good.

and when your done just remember that im not going anywhere. ill always be here for you.
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03:19am 19/01/2004
  i would like to inform everyone that i am out of "the loop". there was once a time when i was concerned about "the loop" but i just dont care about it any more. this occoured around the PSone era circa 1999. after spending all that money on a game i just stopped worring about the loop.

Karina informs me of the loop and keeps me updated every once and a while. sometimes i even go and do in-the-loop-things. mostly i just toil in the dark confines of my own personal space playng guitar or some insanely outdated video game.

im not much of a social creature, this is not to say i dont enjoy the company of others, im just a bit of a loner
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05:42pm 13/01/2004
  well, here i am. again with much boredom. i had to get some gas on the way to college here and had trouble witht the pump. now there is something about my truck because this is not the firs time this has happened. the pump cuts off like my tank is full right after i begin fueling. usually it only does it once but this pump was a bitch.

imagine pshh=the gas is going in the tank, tunk=the pump cutting off. read aloud for dramatic effect. pshhtunk... pshhhhhhtunk....."mmm"....pshhhhhhhhtunk.pshtnk. ptnk....."what the fuh"..... pshtnkpshtnkpshtnkpshtnkpshtunk"ohgoddammit"pshtnk.......pshhhhhhhhhh,"ah,thats right hoe"hhhhhhhhhhhhhhtunk.

and so i left to college with .39 gallons of gas purchased.
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05:18pm 13/01/2004
  well here i am at college in my first class. oh wait, that was supposed to be ::checks schedule::(like i should have done before telling everyone that my classes start tuesday. including my boss. who so graciously let me have off early on tuesdays and thursdays.) MOTHERFUCKER I MISSED THE CLASS. i thought i was ten min late. turns out im 24 hours and ten min late. so im trying to save face a little bit by looking busy in the library for a little bit. and think of what to tell my boss. and the prof......

"oh man sorry" (means: duh, duh, buh) "i've just been having all this crazy stuff happening," (means: bla bla bla) "and for some reason i had been telling everyone that i start classes on tuesday," (means: *drool*) "so its really wierd but i just came down here yesterday," (means: im a dumbass) "at the right time and place but wrong day" (means: teeheehee. im really a dumbass)
10:16pm 07/01/2004
  im updating my journal. well there it is. updated. fuck. i need to be in a band, but not just any band.  
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08:58pm 05/10/2003
  man, im down and out. everything, its all shitty.

dammit, i need to talk to my dad but he is livin up octoberfest in germany. im going to go live up the rest of the tequila. and play some guitar.

oh yeah, i may be able to get a new job working as a grinder in a specialty CNC machine shop. mmmmmmmm metal fabrication. then i could machine my own sprokets and gears, cogs and things for the cb 350 i want to chop. and have the money to do it, and college. maybe.
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